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Online Sessions Now Available

Invest In Lessons Today

Online Session Now Available

Give the gift of music

Do you know someone who would love to learn how to play the drums, guitar or piano?

Maybe you want to reignite your passion for music after some time away but don’t know how or where to start? 

With our gift vouchers, individual lessons or custom courses, you can give yourself or that special person an experience rather than just more stuff! Simply invest in either a taster session, short course or recording session, using the buttons below, and we’ll be in touch with booking information and to arrange delivery of your gift voucher.

Perfect for all special occasions.

Taster Sessions

Our FREE 30-minute taster sessions give you the opportunity to discover how lessons are structured to the needs of each indivdual student, whatever your musical aspirations maybe. 

Our 1 hour or 2x 1 hour ‘Taster’ sessions are the perfect gift or starting point for people wanting to learn an instrument. We will get you playing along to your favourite music in no time, hopefully inspiring you to come back for more! Perfect as a gift for someone special.

Bass Guitar

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Refer a Friend

Simply let us know who referred you to The Music Den Academy, in the “Contact Form Message” Box, and you and the referrer will each receive a FREE 30-minute lesson on your choice of instrument.

Short Courses

We offer short courses of 6 or 10 sessions (or however many you need) which are perfect for people wanting a taste of drumming, guitar or piano, expand upon their existing skills, or those wanting a period of more focused study.

6x 30 mins

£ 195
  • 6x 30 minute sessions. Lessons run on consecutive weeks during term time only.

6x 1 hour

£ 390
  • 6x 1 hour sessions. Lessons run on consecutive weeks during term time only.

10x 1 hour

£ 650
  • 10x 1 hour sessions. Lessons run on consecutive weeks during term time only.
Recording Days

If you are an individual musician, in a band, need a voice-over space, write your own music, we can help you put together a professionally recorded product to help market yourself or your band so you stand out from the rest.

Recording Session

1/2 Day - £420.00

Recording Session

Full Day - £780.00

Interested in a Masterclass?

Are you an aspiring professional musician who wants hands-on studio experience with the most respected and in demand musicians in the UK or maybe a professional UK musician who wants to get feedback and analysis from top professional musicians?

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